Trail-Cam Video: Fawn Ambushed by Bounding Bobcat


Life for a young fawn can be difficult. They face death nearly everywhere they turn, and the odds for survival are certainly not stacked in their favor. For the first few weeks of their lives, they will be closely monitored by their ultra protective mother, but even her keen sense of danger can’t prevent this fawn ambushed by a bobcat.

This trail-cam footage was posted to Facebook by Maine resident, Tara Mitchell.

It shows a seemingly peaceful night in the woods, as mom and youngster graze in front of a well placed trail camera. But, keep an eye on the far right side of the screen. A pair of glowing eyes suddenly appears, and they’re inching towards the fawn.

This footage shows the brutal reality of nature, so viewer discretion is advised:

While harsh at times, nature works in incredible ways, and always manages to even out in the end.

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