Funny Video: Sea Otter Hijacks Kayak and Hitches a Ride


Okay, just when you thought kayaking couldn’t get any better, a sea otter hijacks a woman’s kayak, goes viral online and leaves everyone saying “awwww!”

The video shows a woman kayaking in Monterey Bay, off the coast of California, when an otter suddenly shows up splashing around in the water. But this otter didn’t swim all that way just to show off it’s swim skills. . .

As you’re about to see, the otter appears to take notice of the kayak and decides ‘to hell with swimming!’ The otter flops on deck for a ride, and the moment has quickly gone viral, receiving 14 million views in a little less than a week.

Anybody else have a close encounter like this while they were out paddling on the water?

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