Watch: 3 Deer Interrupt College Baseball Game


Wildlife interrupting baseball games has provided some memorable moments in sports. Think Randy Johnson chucking a fastball towards home plate and nailing a dove, or that time “rally goose” slammed into the scoreboard during a rain delay in Detroit.

And just when you think you’ve seen everything on a baseball diamond, this happens at a college baseball game in Cleveland, Ohio..

Before the first inning of the ball game was over, three deer hopped the fence in right field and forced a break in the action. Jon Schwartz, of Case Western Reserve University, was in the middle of announcing Saturday’s game against Brandeis University when the trio of deer barged onto the sandlot.

“We were in the first inning of the second game of our double header, and all of a sudden, one of our student workers at the game, I kind of hear him out of the corner of my ear while I’m broadcasting say, ‘Hey, there’s some deer that are in the corner there,” he said according to InsideEdition.

And about the time the camera gets fixated on the deer, they decide to run on the field like one of those fans who was “over served.”

The umpires called a timeout, and players from both sides began to work to get the deer off the field. But, like all other wild animals, they will leave when they’re good and ready.

The deer did eventually exit the field, and the game resumed as if nothing happened. However, I imagine folks kept one eye towards the outfield for the remainder of the game.. just in case.

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